Central Tin Containers
Aerosol, lever lid, open top food tins

Aerosol cans

The main facility manufactures 65mm diameter cans. The height range is 104mm to 300mm. Fully printed aerosols are available using our in house U V printing facility, white or plain external. Both 15 & 18 bar cans are manufactured as standard. Printing, manufacturing and delivery quantities are tailored to individual customer requirements.

There is also a facility to produce 57mm and 52mm diameter aerosol cans, although not in the volumes of the 65mm diameter. Lacquered internal cans are also available if requested.

Aerosol, lever lid, open top food tins

Open top food cans

Our food can range is manufactured in 65mm 73mm 99mm and 153mm diameters. The cans are available printed or plain externally, and fully lacquered internally if necessary with a variety of closures including foil, aluminium or tinplate.

Aerosol, lever lid, open top food tins

General lever lid cans

An extensive range of cans are printed and manufactured for a variety of markets. Diameters include 74mm 84mm 89mm 99mm 113mm and 153mm. Standard volume cans are available from stock and specific height cans are manufactured to customer requirements. Closures include lever lid, pierced top, the cans are also available fully lacquered internally.